It Was Foolish To Discontinue Yahoo! Profiles

The reason why people did not view other user's profiles is because they could not find them.  There is no search feature.  No more Yahoo! User Directory.  No possible way to search for new friends to talk to.   No wonder Yahoo! Messenger is losing members too.

The Yahoo! email contacts with Yahoo! ID's did not link to Yahoo Profiles from inside the email contacts pages.  At the very least, the image that is associated with a contact (which by the way was always a Yahoo! Y, and never their image) should have linked to their profile. Further more, you could have had a mini-profile pop-up appear next to a contact in Yahoo Mail Contacts, when that contact was expanded in the list of contacts.  But you didn't.

You could have provided SOME sort of interaction when people visited other people's profiles, such as a guest book or a comment section, but you didn't.  There was literally no interaction at all.  You could really learn something from that website called  At least they offer some sort of human interaction on the profile pages.

I understand that a lot of Yahoo! Members never bothered filling out their profile page, or even activating their profile page for that matter.  Why?  Because it's not fun or creative to do it.  It was boring.  You had to choose a background photo from Flickr for your background, and most of the background images available were unwanted.  Which means that people had to settle for an image they didn't even want.

And then there is the about section.   A character limit?  Really?  What does it matter if you let someone fill a page about themselves?   It doesn't matter.  It's only text.  But, nope, not allowed.   Ridiculous.  No cover photo.  No Flickr Feed.  No colors, fonts, smileys, or anything that would be considered fun and enjoyable.  No wonder no one wanted to visit.  I wouldn't want to visit either.

I still don't know why Yahoo! 360 was discontinued.  It was Cool! Awesome!  Fun! Enjoyable!  Interactive!  Interactive!  Interactive!  People loved it!  But, Yahoo! Took it all away.  And in my opinion, that was even more foolish then taking the profiles away.  Unless Yahoo! plans to bring back Yahoo! 360.  What do you think?

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